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Want an insight into the life of an entrepreneur and Line12Fund?

Step into the kitchen of Charleen Oesterling of Stoopid Good Food who was spinning her wheels trying to evolve her purpose driven business and needed to find funding.

Jonathan Sexton of Band Posters needed a little money to get off the ground to put some strategic partnerships in place.

A one-size-fits-all big bank approach is not going to help your business reach its full potential. Line12Fund can bridge that gap to get your dream off the ground.

A Small Business Initiative of

UT Federal Credit Union

Thanks to all who attended the Launch Party on March 20 

Mark Schaefer amped up the atmosphere with a presentation that was named by Hubspot as one of the 9 unforgettable moments at SXSW.

Schaefer, an internationally-known blogger, consultant, speaker, and best-selling author, shared that presentation with attendees -- The Future of Social Media Marketing